SAE Student Libary Portal

Recommendations for Purchase

The Library collection and resources exist to support the learning, teaching and research of students and staff at SAE. Due to the volume of publishing, as well as the limitations of budget and space, the library cannot provide all materials that are requested.

The following criteria apply to the selection of materials for the Library collection:

  • support and enrichment of the curriculum,
  • strength of present holdings of subject area,
  • authority, including reputation of author and publisher, and
  • availability and price.

Requesting Material

Unit readings

The provision of resources on reading lists is a high priority of the Library.   The number of copies ordered for the collection is based on a formula, which takes into account the number of students enrolled in the course at each campus, and the type of reading. Prescribed, core or recommended readings are ordered according to the following formula:

Prescribed/Core Recommended
Multi-user electronic copy 1 user electronic copy
1 print copy per campus 1 print copy per campus, if electronic version not available

Alerting Services

Publishers and Library book suppliers provide alert services for newly published titles. Contact Library staff for assistance in setting up alert services.

Gifts and Donations

The library accepts gifts of books and other materials with the understanding that they will be added to the collection if appropriate and needed.

Last updated 13/9/18