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Information skills training & support

Library staff are available to help students and staff develop skills to meet their information needs. They can:

  • provide advice on information resources to support learning and teaching,
  • provide training for students in effective search techniques,
  • assist teaching staff to integrate information literacy skills into the curriculum, and
  • develop guides and other resources to support the development of information skills.

Information literacy

Students are expected to have information literacy skills on completion of their studies. These skills assist them to keep up to date with professional practice and contribute to their lifelong learning.

"Information Literacy has been generally defined as an understanding and set of abilities enabling individuals to recognise when information is needed and have the capacity to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." Australian and New Zealand Information Literacy Framework

An information literate person can:

  • recognise a need for information,
  • identify, find and retrieve information from a variety of sources,
  • critically evaluate the information,
  • use the information effectively and appropriately.

The following websites provide more information on information literacy:

Please contact Library staff to arrange information literacy training and support.

Last updated 4/3/19