SAE Student Libary Portal

Copy, Print & Scan

Australian Campuses

  • Copying and printing are available in black & white or colour.
  • Login to Papercut before printing or photocopying. Costs are deducted from Papercut accounts.
  • Credit to recharge accounts can be purchased in designated amounts at Reception.
  • Scanning facilities are also available through the printer/copiers.

Limits apply. All copying must comply with copyright legislation. See the section on copyright for more information.

Ask Library & Learning Centre staff if you need help using these facilities.

New zealand campuses

  • Printers are situated across the campus. Scanning and copying facilites are available at 12 and 18 Heather Street only.
  • Costs of printing, scanning and copying are included in your tuition fees (subject to change).

Limits apply. Ask Administration staff if you need help using these facilities.

Last updated 4/3/19