SAE Student Libary Portal


The library may be able to provide access to books, book chapters, journal articles, and other resources which are not part of the libraries' collections.

Complete the Resource Request form to request:

  • a digitized journal article
  • a digtized book chapter
  • an item from a non-SAE library (staff only)

Other libraries

To find out where an item is held in:

  • an Australian library, check Trove.
  • a New Zealand library, check TEPUNA.

Most publicly funded libraries (Local, State, National, University) will allow visitors to photocopy journal articles and read items from the collection in the library.


Australian copyright law requires that a copyright declaration be signed when making any requests for a copy of an item. The Library must obtain a separate individually signed declaration for each item requested. This declaration must include statements that:

  • The material is required for the purpose of research or study.
  • The material has not been supplied previously to the person.

The fair dealing provisions of the Australian Copyright Act allow you to request:

  • 10% or one chapter of a book, whichever is greater;
  • one article from an issue of a journal; or
  • more than one article from a journal issue if the articles relate to the same subject.

For more information go to the copyright pages.

Commercial Services

There are many commercial document supply services which can source journal articles for you for a fee. Most require prepayment via credit card. Some well known document supply services are listed below:


Articles (National Library)

Copies Direct
Articles (British Library)
British Library Document Supply Service
Dissertations & Theses

See the provider's website for costs and individual delivery times.

Last updated 4/3/19