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Course Resources

It is essential that electronic copies of unit readings are uploaded and accessed through the Library Course Resources Collection to ensure copyright compliance. The Course Resources module includes a request form that lecturers can use to submit digital readings for their courses. 

SAE Course Resources Collection includes:

  • Published text-based material, such as journal articles, chapters or sections of books, conference papers, that contain third party copyright;
  • Items scanned from print format; and
  • Links to items that are contained within the library’s online resources.

Items such as lecture notes and class notes are generally not included in the Course Resources module.

Electronic Submission

Journal articles and book chapters can be placed in the Course Resources Collection but they must adhere to the requirements of the copyright legislation or license regulations.

  • To submit a request for an item to be added to the Course Resources Collection complete a request form.
  • Fill in the details related to the item you wish to place in the Course Resources Collection.  Please ensure that you provide all information required on the form and check any sources as requested.
  • Full citation details enable students to cite material correctly within their academic writing. They also assist SAE to adhere to the requirements of the Copyright Act (1968).
  • Multiple articles/chapters submitted for scanning cannot be grouped together as readings. Such material is required to be submitted individually with citations clearly indicated for copyright purposes on each item.
  • Attach the scanned copy of the article or book chapter to the form, if available.


Submit your items for the Course Resources Collection in the following format:

  • Scanned items should be in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) with recommended resolution of 250-300 dpi and file size no larger than 10MB (larger files may be broken into smaller files).
  • Preferred format for file name would be author’s surname followed by the first word of the title. For example: smith_management.
  • The clearest copy possible. Ensure that the shadows from binding do not obscure text. Must be of good quality.
  • Background of page is as clean as possible.
  • Keep document to 20 pages or less.

Copyright restrictions

Staff should read the Copyright Guide for Staff before submitting copyright material to be scanned for the Course Resources Collection.

Under the Copyright Act and the AVCC Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) Part VB Licence, various restrictions are imposed on the amount of copying which can be done. These include:

  • One chapter or 10% of a book, but more if the book is out of print or out of copyright.
  • One article per issue, but more if the articles are deemed to be of the same specific subject matter (e.g. a themed issue).
  • Limits apply across all book editions unless the editions are markedly different.
  • Limits apply per institution (across all of SAE, not per unit of study).
  • The whole or part of a literary or dramatic work in a published anthology if not more than 15 pages.

Note: for material that exceeds the limit set by the Copyright Act, permission must be obtained in writing from the copyright holder before material can be put in the Course Resources Collection.


Every effort is made to ensure material is available as quickly as possible, however delays may occur at the start of trimester. To assist Library & Learning Centre staff, please have your request forms submitted well before the start of trimester.

  • Material in digital form is processed within 5 working days.
  • Material requiring scanning by Library & Learning Centre staff (print copies) may take up to 10 working days.
  • At the start of trimester, processing of materials for the Course Resources Collection may take up to 4 weeks.
  • Submissions must meet the minimum requirements for the request to be processed. Incomplete requests will be returned.
  • An email confirming availability of items will be sent to you once the process has been completed.


Students should be encouraged to access course readings via the Course Resources module of the Library Portal.   The Course Resources site secures the material to authenticated users, SAE students and staff, as required by copyright legislation.  Students and staff must use their Library Login to access this material from off campus.

Before accessing any material in this collection, students and staff must accept a copyright statement.   For this reason it is not possible to provide direct links to items in the Course Resources Collection.

Contact Library staff for more information on course resources.

Last updated 29/1/18